Step away from your phone.

Your life is waiting for you.

Device Detox
A gradual 21-day challenge to a less dependent relationship with your phone.

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Allow more space for real, live human connections – even if it’s just at the grocery store.


Spend more quality time with your loved ones – without sneaking peeks at your phone every chance you get!


Reasonably manage the urge to check your phone 30 times or more an hour. #truestory

Seriously. It’s time.
Take control. Break free from your phone.
This easy-to-implement 21-day challenge uses small, incremental steps to a less dependent relationship with your phone.
You can do it.
Achieve Device Balance

By managing the urge to check your phone 30 times an hour, you will become more present in your own life, and more mindful of your surroundings and day-to-day encounters, allowing more space for real, human connections. 

First, ask yourself these questions to see if this program may be right for you…

Do you find yourself mindlessly checking your phone or device several times throughout the day?
Do you struggle with the tempation to check your phone while driving?
Do you feel panicked if you forget your phone at home or if it runs out of battery before you can recharge it?
Has your child or loved one fought to get your attention while you’re distracted by your phone?
Are you craving more deep and meaningful, real life connections?
Do you find yourself glued to your phone in public, while grocery shopping, or running errands?
But wait…
How does it work?

First, I want to reassure you that this isn’t some kind of magic sorcery to get you to put your phone down forever, nor do I want or expect you to.

That would be insanely unrealistic.

What I’ve devised are gradual, easy-to-implement prompts to help you become less dependent on your phone and more present in your life.

You’ll take daily, actionable steps to incrementally reduce your phone time to only use and check it when you need to, instead of mindlessly checking it as often as you probably do.

Here’s just some of what you’ll get as part of this 21-day program:

Awareness Log
Before you can fix a problem, it’s always super helpful to understand the extent of it. With the activity log, you can self-monitor how long you use certain apps to get clear on what areas to focus on most.
Progress Journal
If you’ve ever been on a diet, you know just how important a food journal can be! It can make or break your efforts. As this is a diet of sorts, the journal can help you keep track of your progress.
Helpful Apps
I will provide you with an extensive collection of tried and true helpful apps – from those that help monitor your daily activity to those that block sites and apps you want to limit or stay away from.

Receive scheduled access to me and other participants with weekly Q&A sessions. Together, we can help each other stay on track, discuss issues that arise, and cheer each other on as we progress together.

Habbit Hacks
Sometimes it’s easier to accomplish a task, end a bad habbit or start a new one if you have a helpful reminder to stay on track. I will share with you some super simple hacks to keep your focus and stay committed for the duration.
These worksheets will help you express your reasons for wanting to cut down on phone time and aid in visualizing and planning your ideal day, week and year. It’s amazing what you can accomplish once you write it down!
Mindfulness Lessons
Become re-engaged in the world around you. By practicing mindfulness, you can be more present in your life and become more connected to the people around you – loved ones and strangers alike.
Completion Certificate
At the end of the challenge, you’ll get a completion certificate. You’ll also get a milestone rewards worksheet. Use this to set yourself up with small rewards for reaching specific milestones throughout the challenge.
The best part?

As a beta tester, you’ll
get introductory pricing

Plus, as we continue to grow, our intent is to help more people by having a reach greater than our own backyards. That’s why a percentage of funds from all our programs and products will go directly to a different cause or charity every quarter.