Let’s talk about avoiding and/or disengaging from the comments section on social media and online media outlets (or even the negative people in your life).

Let me first tell you, I know how hard it is to not read the comments. I do it all the time and then wish I hadn’t. It makes me sad for humanity when I allow myself to read them. Sometimes it makes my blood boil, and sometimes it feels like a punch to the gut if it directly relates to me somehow. So for the sake of preserving myself, I make a very conscious effort to avoid reading the comments section. When I give in, I always – ALWAYS – regret it.

It does nothing good for me but bring me down. And who needs extra ways to feel down about stuff? I know I don’t.

That’s why I try my hardest to avoid the comments altogether. But I’m not always successful. It’s kind of like watching a train wreck of a reality show [which is, strangely, my weakness, and I should probably avoid that garbage too].

If I can’t seem to look away, I definitely, 100% do not ever – EVER – never, ever write a comment in retaliation. I did that once a few years ago and it was just the worst. I was up all night replying and trying to get my point across but my words kept getting twisted. I was infuriated and completely in knots. I couldn’t even fall asleep. Was up until 4 am dealing with the aftermath and woke up rehashing the entire thing.

I vowed, then and there, to never engage again.

Believe me, I know this can be difficult to do. It’s so tempting to say your piece but in all honesty, it will likely fall on deaf ears and wreak havoc on you more than it will the other person OR get this, the other person will feel the same way. So now there are 2 of you feeling awful about it, and so on, and so on.

I now try to think of the people leaving these comments. Does it make them feel good about themselves at the end of the day? It likely just adds to how crummy they feel overall. In an ideal world, what would start to make them feel better and happier [thus less likely to post negative comments in the future] is being kinder to people in general and sharing positive posts instead.

I think people find it easy to post comments as they sit hidden behind their keyboard but I wonder if they would still do it knowing the negative affect they have on those reading it.

It’s a vicious cycle. People on the defensive, up in arms, attacking. It’s awful. If people could stop to empathize, or at least sympathize or be compassionate, and ask themselves if their comment is doing any good or is it just adding more fuel to the fire. I would like to believe they would stop or at least be more conscious of what they’re posting.

Negative comments have consequences even though people think it’s just going into some deep unknown internet hole.

So, my challenge for you today [and everyday] is to try to avoid the comments section entirely [but again, I know it’s easier said than done]. If you’re going to leave a comment, ask yourself if it’s constructive, is it potentially hurting someone, is it mean-spirited, and does it really need to be said? Lastly, if you must comment, please try to be compassionate and helpful.

I hope this didn’t come across as too preachy because that’s so not what I want but I thought this topic was worth discussing as we try to spread kindness around in our lives. And social media is such a huge part of how we interact.

Why not share a positive post or video on social media today!