I have a very adorable 15-month-old who is usually a great sleeper but sometimes he goes through a few days in a row of waking up several times in the night. On those nights, I don’t get much sleep. And when I don’t get enough sleep, I’m a cranky pants.

Cranky with my significant other, impatient with myself as I go about my day-to-day tasks, short-tempered in general, and not at all in the mood to make eye contact or smile at people, and heaven forbid I let up while driving.

It got me thinking… getting enough sleep would likely make everybody kinder. If I find it hard to function like a Good Human while I’m sleep-deprived, there are probably millions of others out there who are the same.

If you are someone who doesn’t get enough sleep for whatever reason, this is for you! I know it’s easier said than done to tell you to get more sleep. I wish it were that simple but perhaps, we can try to not let it take ahold of our entire day and how we treat one another.

Kelly Gartner shared in the private facebook group about practicing equanimity, the art of meeting life where it meets you – calmly, with little drama or fuss.

“When things happen – like almost getting into a fender bender when a car cut me off this morning – they don’t have to become a “thing.” I can just notice that my heart started beating faster and feel grateful that I didn’t hit the car and then go on about my day. This saves me from feeling aggravated the rest of my day, so I’m more pleasant to people with whom I interact. It also allows me to move on to better, more worthwhile ideas instead of rehashing my near miss with everyone I see.”

I just love this concept. So today, I task you with practicing equanimity with the intent of being more pleasant to people. Whether you are sleep-deprived and cranky or encountered an almost fender bender, practice the art of meeting life where it meets you – calmly, with little drama or fuss – so you can carry on being the Good Human that you are!