Now more than ever, we need to shower the world with love, kindness, empathy, compassion, and MORE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO DO GOOD. <—-That’s us!

Let’s make our good deeds today more impactful and meaningful than ever so we can overshadow the negative.

After continually hearing about mass shootings and violence, I had a hard time coming to terms with how this kind of thing just keeps on happening.

Senseless acts like this are what prompted me to start The Good Human Experiment but how do we deal with this as champions of empathy and compassion?

In a discussion in our private facebook group some of you shared ways in which you are able to process and cope. Melissa Duncan posted a great video from Mr. Rogers about “finding the helpers during a tragedy”. You can watch it here.

Kimberley Soutar talked about stepping back from social media, not reading the comments, and not processing the tragedy until well after all the information and facts have been released. She also said, “I try to do what I can to have a positive impact in my little part of my world to try to balance it out with positivity, kindness, charity, volunteering, attending events/protests to lend my voice with others. I try to set an example to my kids, grandson and those around me.”

What do you do to cope? I’d love to hear from you!